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My name is Sare. I'm a golden butterfly. I like cats, sparkles, furniture, and stuff.

Personal blog.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Kikwis.

Feel free to ask me stuff.
I'm a graphic designer who currently specializes in buttons and t-shirts.
You can view my work on my art blog,

3DS friend code: 4613.6866.9152.
Message me if you add me.


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No right, no wrong, no rules for me I'm free!
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Woops, did i kill you? - Rize

↳ Rize’s creepy smile + Rize’s teasing face

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Pikachu Belle by IamSare


Managed to finish this tonight. Will make a formal post tomorrow afternoon.

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Anonymous Explains TLoK Ending

Anonymous Explains TLoK Ending

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Happy Birthday, ginabobina101! :3

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More pics of my ragdoll boy Nemo’s outdoor adventures this summer.

And in case you wonder what exactly is going on in the last image - we are playing fetch… :D

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NEED SOME MOAR ANNIE! she is my favorite snk Character