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My name is Sare. I'm a golden butterfly. I like cats, sparkles, furniture, and stuff.

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I have an unhealthy obsession with Kikwis.

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I'm a graphic designer who currently specializes in buttons and t-shirts.
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An Open Letter to Nickelodeon


I’m going to explain something about The Legend of Korra to you that you really need to understand:

What you have on your hands is like nothing you’ve ever aired before.

It looks a lot like Avatar: the Last Airbender, sure. There are some distinct similarities.

But, here’s the thing: Legend of Korra is not Avatar: the Last Airbender, and it has a hundred times more in common with that than any of your other programming.

What Legend of Korra is is pure serialized event programming.

It cannot be watched out of order.

It cannot leave off on any episode other than a finale.

And, more importantly, it has garnered tens of thousands of passionate fans, many of whom have paid thousands of dollars to make a pilgrimage to a single room in San Diego based on their love for the show.

If you change the schedule for SpongeBob without warning, fans might wonder when it will air, but it will have little impact on their actions in the future. If you change the schedule for Legend of Korra, you not only leave a trail of anguish in your wake, you risk losing the very ratings you’re trying to preserve.

What you need to do is this: be honest with your plans, and don’t change things on a moment’s notice. Treat the fans with a modicum of respect.

If you don’t want to air the show in August, that’s understandable. But you should have decided that months ago and let the fans know what to expect then, not the week before.

Here’s a hint for how to fix the mess you’re in if you absolutely can’t revert the schedule to what we expected:

Put every episode online, and leave them up for the entirety of August. Then, in September, re-launch the show with a marathon of everything aired so far. Give it as much exposure as you possibly can, not just on Nickelodeon, but on the other Viacom networks too. Maybe even do that thing you did for the last episodes of Avatar: the Last Airbender to build up to the Book Three finale — it was a weird move, but it seemed to work, and no one wants to wait until November for the last five episodes.

Why do this, you ask? Because the more time you waste letting people forget about this show, the worse your ratings are going to get. Anyone who watched a Book 3 episode out of context would probably stop watching out of confusion. But, if you make an event out of catching people up, you could give this show the ratings it deserves.

(If anyone knows where I could send this or has any suggestions about what to add, I’d be glad to hear it! )

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