Riposa, Riposa en Pace
My name is Sare. I'm a golden butterfly. I like cats, sparkles, furniture, and stuff.

Personal blog.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Kikwis.

Feel free to ask me stuff.
I'm a graphic designer who currently specializes in buttons and t-shirts.
You can view my work on my art blog,

3DS friend code: 4613.6866.9152.
Message me if you add me.


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"In my case… It was because I was able to see the sky while I was swimming backstroke that I stopped being scared. But starting with backstroke isn’t the normal way to teach someone to swim."
"So what? You should just do it your own way."
"Haru… You’re right. I’ll give it a try!"

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I can migrate over to my bed now, yay~!

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I bet some of the Space Dandy episodes would be phenomenal to watch drunk.

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seriously, how is Space Dandy even real.

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